LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

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Larry Con 3-D
bradbrp wrote in larrycon

Saturday I awoke around 10, slightly confused of where I was.  Gathered my bearings, cleaned up and joined the first event of the day.  Jagermeister brunch hosted by Ron Maxwell.  Ron’s Q&A was hilarious as to be expected, particularly when he used the talk to stick to force people to ask him questions.  I have a video of Ron talking about having sex during Rocky and Hilary on the helicopter pad of some hospital.  Sorry Hilary, but the best part was watching Ron get progressively drunker until he fell over in his chair. O sweet Cthulhu I’ve never seen someone so drunk so early. Question from LizMoop: “Ron, it is noon and you are drunk. Are you still drunk from last night, or is this a new drunk” (or something like that)” Ron replied either Yes or Both. I think it was “Both.”  I’ve not had Jager before, except a few mixes. I liked it. Like liquid black licorice. Much like absinthe but thicker and not as sweet.  Had a few glasses then and two more at the Roast. But all in all I didn’t drink as much Saturday as I had Thursday and Friday.

Eventually Ron was pulled/stumbled away and we moved on the Stitch and Bitch.  As I didn’t have much to work on - I skipped it in favor of food.  Two glasses of Jager and some bread roll wouldn’t do for me.  After some Katy Quick and Moop fooling around on the couch (in which many Hassidics from upstairs popped their head in) we went for food.  LizMoop, Katy, Brian S., Fester and I went to the Indian restaurant in the hotel. Whoo for not having to go bundle up! I had never had  Indian before, so it was a new experience.  There was a buffet  and it was great.  After a tasty meal it was time for the Group Nap.

Group Nap was a big highlight.  It started as a smattering of people in a wide circle, actually trying to nap.  Then was a big group chat. Circle became smaller and smaller to become a group cuddle pile. At some point, I had LizMoop on one side, and Liz Beaux on the other. She had Other Bob on the other side of her : BobLizBobLiz. Liz Stockton you should have come down and laid down on the other side of Other Bob.  Blankets were piled upon us.  Then we became a fort. Fort Bradwinkle. A ring of chairs made our structure and I think table clothes made our fort. Apparently there was another fort.  But it was peaceful. No war between Fort Bradwinkle and Fort Not-Fort-Bradwinkle.  Truth or Dare was played - but what happens in Fort Bradwinkle stays in Fort Bradwinkle.   Alas, Fort had to be torn down for the auction.  Damn you auction people. Ruining our fun!  TC/DC, Sins. You guys need a DAY just for Forts.  It is decreed.   Light poured in blinding us and showing the pile to the world when the roof was torn away. Look at the pictures: doesn’t it remind you of the Swan orgy in Phantom of the Paradise?  Ron thought it was a pig pile and tossed himself on, crushing Jenny’s ankle and LizMoop in her entirety.

As I had nothing to buy - I had NO room in my bags for what I brought let along adding more (besides what I had already bought)- I skipped to go to the hot tub at LizBeaux’s request. Chatted for a while and then time for the Roast.

The Roast is posted in full on YouTube. Look it up.  I can’t say thing to do justice except what follows.   The love of community in the room is a reminder of why I love cons, palooza’s (Jenny told me Bradwinkle retired that word for the future on Thursday) and simply being with a cast.  As I said in the first post - a group of people who love what we do, to be ourselves and I love the creative juices that flow in the community (insert joke about OTHER juices here… you know you all thought it).  LarryCon has reawoken my creativity I let slowly die. Now I have a pile of things on my ToDo plate and that makes me happy.  Anywhoo, much love shown for Larry.  To me it was much of a celebration of the whole community, we just had a man to throw it on.  How much this movie and what it has brought us has meant to us. 

The Roast was followed by Shock Treatment and Rocky.  Interesting shows - as we did no rehearsals, as the weekend wasn’t’ about the movies there were just icing on the cake.  During Shock many cues were missed, several by me - running around to fix blocking on the spot - and all that. But a blast to do. I love Shock Treatment, and it was only my 2nd time doing Ralph I can see myself keep playing him each time.  I loved being Bert and Farley - a great deal but Ralph is fun too.  For Rocky, I played Brad for the first time in two years, so I was off but I think we all are at these type shows.  I wore a batch of “Fur” over my crotch with nude pantyhouse instead of underwear. I thought it was funny - I don’t’ know how well it played.  Along with brad, I was a Janet in the Janet swarm during Touch-a-me. Rocky was played by Sarah P and the other girl who played Rocky. All the Janets were men, besides Grace.  It was a big, but fun, clusterfuck of confusion.  Also jumped in as Ralph in the beginning. Continuity! (did so at TCJ jam too).   Outside of when I was on, I didn’t really watch the movies.  After party in Larry’s room. Security came in, as expected, to toss us.  Despite it being Larry and Kate’s room: neither were in the room.


Lunch at Morristown Diner was a great coda.  We, being Jenny Mark Vicki and I, came in to find nearly all of LarryCon there too. Surprise: mitten arrived too - making his appearances book ending the weekend.   After foods and goodbyes to new friends, to the airport.  Jenny and I were both there for a few hours so we walked around looking at kitschy toys and shameless souvenirs.  My flight left about 2 hrs before hers, so when I arrived in Chicago for my layover, she was getting on hers to Chicago.  My 2nd flight came in early so I was able to make the shuttle back to base that night instead of having to stay on a bed in the USO in Seattle.

That’s it!
Thanks everyone for such an awesome weekend. Thank you Larry for inviting us to your party - and thanks for LizBeaux and Home of Happiness for actually throwing it. I enjoyed connecting more with those of you I knew before and meeting those I didn’t.   With TC/DC in June and 7 Deadly Sins in Sept, I’m glad to have two more get together this year - along with a few special shows I plan on attending. It really sucks to be upon the Coast of NoWhere rather than more centrally located, and to be without a cast.
I cannot wait to see all your again at one or both of them. 


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