LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

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MARS NEEDS JANETS! and Brads and Rockys (Rockies?)
Brad Shocky
ronmaxwell wrote in larrycon
As everyone knows Larry & Liz from Home Of Happiness, have graciously allowed me the privilege of casting three different parts at LarryCon 2009.

If you are interested in playing Brad, Janet or Rocky please e-mail me at and include your name, phone numbers (a must) and times when I can call you back. Please also tell me what scenes you would like to be cast in and obviously which character you wanna play.

NOTE: No scenes are guaranteed until final cast list.

MARS NEEDS JANETS! White Bra and Slip! - Anyone playing Janet at Larry Con 2009 must bring the white bra, slip (Full & ripped or just full or just ripped - Whatever - White Bra and slip), and white underwear.  If you play Janet and just wanna have fun, just bring the White Bra, underwear and Slip (and blond wig if possible).  Even if you do not  normally play Janet but just wanna run around in a White Bra, Slip and White Underwear that's cool too. The more the merrier.

The following parts have already been cast
- Dammit Janet:  Ron Maxwell (*FOBDWS) and Sarah Presley (Sins)
- Driving, Over at Frank's Place, TW, ST, switch at elevator  - Ron Maxwell (*FOBDWS) , Janet  TBD
(could change) 
- Rocky - Sword of Damocles - Ron Maxwell
- Toucha - Rocky  - Ron Maxwell, Janet (TBD)

Details to be worked out as the week progresses.

Thank you for your support.

Ron Maxwell

*FOBDWS:  Fat Old Bald Dude With Stickers


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