LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

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RHPS Casting For LarryCon! (ST still looking for performers...)
dalek time warp
lizzyfur wrote in larrycon
We are still waiting to hear back on a few roles, but I didn't want to keep you all in suspense any longer.

Here is the international cast from our first ever, bid out, intergalactic casting committee. The parts will be shared by:

Hilary (NYC), Laura (HOH), Dani (HOH), Erica (LV-UK), Angelica (NYC), Melissa (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Dawn (Trannsylvanian Concubines) & Nicole (HOH)

Larry Viezel (HOH), Luke (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Scott J. (HOH), Scotty J (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Sean W. (Sins), Bayne St John (NYC)

Dr. Scott:
A Pile of Larry Viezel’s Dirty Laundry (HOH), Scotty J. (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Bradwinkle Moose (Midnight Madness)

Larry Viezel (HOH)

Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient), Katie M. (NYC), Sarah P. (Sins),

Ron Maxwell (NYC), Bob Foster (Junior Chamber of Commerce Players), Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient)

Sarah P. (Sins), Grace (Help Me Mommy), Ron Maxwell (NYC), Jeff Baker, Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient), Scott J. (HOH), Bob Foster (Junior Chamber of Commerce Players), Sophocles (Trannsylvanian Concubines)

Frank: ??

Riff: ??

...I think we're gonna need a bigger stage...


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