LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

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Special Guest Announcement - BRADWINKLE!
dalek time warp
lizzyfur wrote in larrycon
With all of the demands of Hilary Maxwell (of the fabulous Maxwells's) and Ron Maxwell Approved Ron Maxwell - we got sidetracked and forgot to announce one of our other prominant special guests...

Everyone's favorite internationally renowned inanimate Rocky Horror fan/community member, Bradwinkle the moose, has agreed to host the Larrycon Stitch-n-bitch! Bradwinkle, along with his traveling companion Jenny, will be available to offer advise on costuming and share techniques for putting together virtually any type of costume!

If you have any costumes you want to work on, please bring them Saturday after the Jaegermeister Brunch with Ron Maxwell. Some sewing supplies (including a machine) will be provided, but any additional supplies of fabric and sewing materials are greatly appreciated.

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autographs will be $4. I expect Casey to deliver me grilled cheese sandwiches.

casey had a question about the grilled cheese sandwiches, should they be stuffed? since you are a stuffed moose, we weren't sure how your metabolism works. wikipedia is sadly lacking on this subject.

I would recommend piping hot delicious actual edible grilled cheese sandwiches, but I'm biased.

I'm pretty sure Bradwinkle will be delighted by whatever you guys come up with grilled cheese sandwich-wise. Go with your heart. Plush/stuffed sandwiches would certainly be creative.

According to Wikipedia, Bradwinkle was the first stuffed moose to perform in a floorshow of Shock Treatment.

Is there a story about grilled cheese sandwiches? I keep seeing mentions of grilled cheese.....or do you just have an addiction BW?

HoH is full of enablers.

Jaegermeister followed by scissors and needles? I would like to announce that I will be hosting an unofficial Larrycon stitches-for-bitches! The unofficial Stitches-fo-bitches will be held at a local emergency room and our guest of honor will be a real live doctor. Our guest will be on hand to offer advice on keeping wounds clean, as well as chastising us for having such a high blood-alcohol content so early in the day.

I was thinking the same thing. Thank god I'm not working any any costumes.

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