LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

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bradbrp wrote in larrycon
Bob Foster here!
Far too long later, I bring you all Friday. Again with far too much information. But would you rather “Larry Con was fun. Bye bye” or too much?  See, there we go. Now that’s up a certain stuffed moose won’t send his goons to break my legs… right?
Friday I woke up at 10 with two thoughts “Finish costumes… food”  I came to LarryCon with my costumes incomplete, figuring I’ll just fix them at the stitch and bitch. Besides one thing in the room and a wig… I didn’t.  Anyway, I go off into Morristown to find what I need.  Before coming, Google maps had told me of a costume/novelty store off Morris Rd/Ave/&c/who cares and a arts/crafts store too.  As I didn’t know my ass from my elbow in Morristown besides how to half-drunkenly wonder the Dunkin Donuts I ask the hotel staff.  Who prove to be no help.  Every query leads to “I think there’s one at [MALL] 10 miles away.” My response is always “I have no car. I cannot go 10 miles away”  I eventually give up and simply ask where Morris Rd/etc is.  “take a left” … okay and then.  If you take a left out of the hotel, you soon reach town square which has a great deal of roads off of it. Continuing the line of questioning only led to “just go left, you will find it”  Is that that hard to say “Go left. On the other side of the church make another left”. 

I head out into the cold and windy Morristown.  Hit Century 21 first. If I can find what I need there no need to hunt down a possibly existing, possibly not costume store.   I do find the fur I need for my nudie undies via a toilet seat cover  (see Brad pics to know what I speak of ) and a spiffy new suede looking-fedora. God I love fedoras. I’ve had many in the past. They keep getting lost and/or stolen. Its been two years since my last. I have a small head and fedoras tend to be only in L/XL. I wear Medium. Damn you hat manufactures. There I run into Fester, buying clothes for Pants off Dance Off Dance Off and a new hat for himself… the same one I have. Fester, you’re cramping my style. I kid of course.
I head off in search of Schrodinger’s costume store.   I find down by the train station. Fun little novelty store with a great deal of odd’s and ends. I buy some stuff for Young Frankenstein, some fake mustaches  - fake mustaches are truly one of my favorite things in existence- and a few other things.  A few other stores help out my to buy list.  Take some pictures of the closed part of the train station and empty lots. I love that stuff. As I told Sarah P in New York I love abandoned places or anything falling back into nature and odds and ends of the past.  I was hoping to take a bunch of pictures of such in New York but being a tourist this time rather than a visitor I looked at the shiny pretty things they wanted us to see instead. 
The arts & crafts store had its final closing a week previous.

Dropping off my items Dawn recommends the Chinese place across the street and says she saw several other attendees going there too and if I hurry I can catch them.  Chinese restaurant… empty. I head down to whatever the (Italian?) restaurant I found my new friends at. First booth on entry found me Sean, Jenny, Grace and LizMoop.  Too bad they were just gathering their things to leave.  I elect to wait to eat. Fellowship is more important than food.  We head off to Century 21 to find Columbia pjs and panties for Sean (I needed some too for the Pants Off) and cheap under thingies for the ladies.  We took in the entire store, looking at things, making fun of lots more things and spending a very long time in lingerie/underwear, where we ran into Dawn.  A few bought a large number of things - I think Jenny and Moop have a years worth of two dollar underwear (although we had to forceably keep her from buying a 140 item).  Best part: all six of us bought the same pair of matching black w/ white polka dot panties.  LizMoop has a picture of us showing them. Where’s the picture LIZ?  All but Sean went to same cashier. Once she realized she was laughing at our purchases.

Dawn Fester and I head to the pool where the Johnstons, their gang, and the Maxwells are. Fester and I go back to change and get there to find most are leaving.  We swim and hit the hot tub anyway.  It was very nice and relaxing. I used to practically live in the pool - swim team and for the fun of it.  But I haven’t been in one since boot camp, two years ago.  After lounging in the hot tub and chatting with Jackie Tuttle for a bit I run into Sean and Grace and sit and talk with them for a while.  Then, now about 5:30 I go to eat.

This time I actually did - but not before a trip to the wig shop: bought a five dollar wig I cut a bit into an almost-Ralph wig. Still big and poofy but I thought it would do the job better than my short brown hair. How I hate having short hair. I miss my big jew-fro of curls and poofiness. Damn you Navy!
Get some Chinese, where I run into Katy Quick and Brian S. - I had been running into them as they were two doors down from mine for moments during the day but I didn’t know them yet. I eagerly open my bag in my room…. To find no fork or napkins.  Eating Gen. Tso chicken by hand isn’t a fun option. Really sticky in fact.  Change into my Pants off Dance off Dance Off get up. Robe, vest white t-shirt… the panties from earlier.  Of course since we’re out in the hotel I wear pants. As I wonder about the hotel looking for LarryCon I get looks for the robe.
At the same time our  gathering was happening, on the second floor there was some sort of Hassidic Jewish con going on too. Knowing there were ballrooms on the 2nd level, I go there first. Apparently they didn’t know where thing was either for a few were milling about looking for anything that indicated where their gathering was.  I wondered my way through it, reciviing more weird looks (getting weird looks is always fun).  In the Terrace ballroom I find House of Happeniess peoples setting up. At this point it is seven. You can tell: we’re working on Rocky Time here people.  As I await on the couches just inside the enterance for others to arrive, a few of the Jews from 2nd level come in, look around and leave - just as confused as I was wondering through their con. 

Side note: This was more common Saturday but that continued to happen during the weekend. Door opens, head pops in looks around, leaves. This was more common when women’s shirts were off.

Pants Off Dance Off Dance Off
There is truly not much I can say about it besides it was a lot of fun.  The pictures describe so much more than I can. I and Sean both wore our matching panties. The ladies we bought them with, being girls, had planned their outfits before hand rather than waiting for that day like the guys.  Sean, updating his coffee pot from TCJ, replaced it with an ice bucket full of Cap’n Coke which we all drank from. As the Cap’n and the coke were both in my room I had to let him back in many times to refill over the weekend. For a while it was looking like we had no Guest of Honor.  But about 830 Larry V finally came to his own birthday party. Alcohol and crazy white people dancing flowed freely. Not long, shirts came off with as much ease at the pants.  Cupcakes everywhere - in mouths and on faces.  Eventually Security arrived as always - I think they had fun sensors. Surprised they didn’t’ stop us earlier.  Sean sang electric avenue to them. LizBeaux with the Talk Stick yelling at everyone who had pants on. Of course meeting a fuckton of new people.  Pictures with Bradwinkle.  An absolute blast of awesome with the greatest people in the world.

That’s Friday.  Satuday: eventually.

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At some point Ron fell in the cupcakes! So there was ass and hands as well with cupcake on them!

Don't forget about all the lap dances Ron got.

and all the money i got from those lap dances =)

yeah, that was pretty sweet. Thanks, drunk Ron Maxwell!

Didn't you get 20 Jenny?

Can someone confirm if there was bacon? I haven't seen or heard any mention of bacon. (!)

Then again, Jager & bacon don't really mix too well.....least not for me....

I'm enjoying reading the recaps and I'm glad everyone had a good time. Wish I could have been there, but I hope to see everyone in June.

there was bacon and sausage near as i can tell! however, i'm a vegetarian and had only rubbery waffles =P

There was bacon and it was unlimited though it was not part of the Jager brunch with Ron. It was part of the hotels breakfast that wasn't cheap. But I do have to say it was damn good bacon even for the steep price!

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