LarryCon - January 29th & 30th, 2010

The intervention will be televised!
I saw numerous video cameras at Larrycon. Is any footage online yet? If so, could you point me to it? I'm web-dumb.

Welcome to LarryCon! Official Schedule of Events...
For those of you trying to navigate the NYC area, here's a great website:

It includes NYC and NJ and all the joining routes in between so if you are looking to get somewhere specific that's a great resource.


Tickets for RHPS and Shock Treatment are up for sale on - please buy them in advance! We do anticipate a sell out, and if we sell out early enough in the day, we'll move to a larger theater.

You can buy tickets by following the links below:


Shock Treatment:

OR, if you are already in Morristown, you can buy tickets @ the box office which is located to the left of the Terrace Ballroom (if you are looking at the Terrace Ballroom from the lobby)


That said, don't miss any of our events! Here is our final schedule:


FRIDAY 1/29/2010

Location: Terrace Ballroom (Hyatt)
7:00 PM “Pants Off Dance Off Dance Off” Dance Party

SATURDAY 1/30/2010

Location: Terrace Ballroom (Hyatt)
11:00 AM Jagermeister Brunch with Special Guest Ron Maxwell
1:00 PM Stitch & Bitch hosted by Special Guest Bradwinkle
3:00 PM Group Nap (BYOP)
5:00 PM Auction (From Larry’s collection)
7:00 PM Roasting Larry Viezel with Larry Viezel Costume Contest

Location: Clearview Headquarters Theater
Adjacent to Hotel
10:00 PM Shock Treatment
12:00 AM The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Don't forget about the indoor pool and hot tub!!! I'll see ya there =)

LarryCon Program Boosters!
For 24 hours, starting ...NOW you can buy a LarryCon Booster for $1!

Please use the paypal button below, and send your Booster as a comment along with payment. Click on the link for "Add special instructions to the seller" and enter your Booster there.
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**Because of timing restrictions, any Boosters received AFTER 12 Noon Eastern time on 1/27 may not be printed.

Did you register?
Hey guys!

We are currently at the bar across the street from the Hyatt Headquarters, and Clearview Cinema where next week's events will take place - yessir Danny's Pub has free wifi and Blue Moon on tap =)

If you have NOT registered for LarryCon and plan on coming, please register at We need a firm (hehe) headcount (hehe) so we get an appropriately sized convention room.

See you all soon!

old - i'm 30 - arrested development
Francis Bacon!!! Mmmm, bacon.

Also Ivan The Great AND Linda Blair.

But of course, we can't forget the REAL reason we celebrate LarryCon...

Rocky Horror Legend (TM) Larry Viezel

And now we present in honor of Larry's actual birthday, a picture story entitled:
What happens at LarryCon...stays at LarryCon...unless you have tagged photos on facebook...Collapse )

Anyone know where we can acquire a tap for one of these?

...for no particular reason.

Special Guest Announcement - BRADWINKLE!
dalek time warp
With all of the demands of Hilary Maxwell (of the fabulous Maxwells's) and Ron Maxwell Approved Ron Maxwell - we got sidetracked and forgot to announce one of our other prominant special guests...

Everyone's favorite internationally renowned inanimate Rocky Horror fan/community member, Bradwinkle the moose, has agreed to host the Larrycon Stitch-n-bitch! Bradwinkle, along with his traveling companion Jenny, will be available to offer advise on costuming and share techniques for putting together virtually any type of costume!

If you have any costumes you want to work on, please bring them Saturday after the Jaegermeister Brunch with Ron Maxwell. Some sewing supplies (including a machine) will be provided, but any additional supplies of fabric and sewing materials are greatly appreciated.

P.S. Did you order your LarryCon memorabilia?

Unfortunately, we are not having any of these items printed so they will not be available for sale at LarryCon.

Please see this entry for more info!

RHPS Casting For LarryCon! (ST still looking for performers...)
dalek time warp
We are still waiting to hear back on a few roles, but I didn't want to keep you all in suspense any longer.

Here is the international cast from our first ever, bid out, intergalactic casting committee. The parts will be shared by:

Hilary (NYC), Laura (HOH), Dani (HOH), Erica (LV-UK), Angelica (NYC), Melissa (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Dawn (Trannsylvanian Concubines) & Nicole (HOH)

Larry Viezel (HOH), Luke (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Scott J. (HOH), Scotty J (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Sean W. (Sins), Bayne St John (NYC)

Dr. Scott:
A Pile of Larry Viezel’s Dirty Laundry (HOH), Scotty J. (Trannsylvanian Concubines), Bradwinkle Moose (Midnight Madness)

Larry Viezel (HOH)

Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient), Katie M. (NYC), Sarah P. (Sins),

Ron Maxwell (NYC), Bob Foster (Junior Chamber of Commerce Players), Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient)

Sarah P. (Sins), Grace (Help Me Mommy), Ron Maxwell (NYC), Jeff Baker, Mitten (Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient), Scott J. (HOH), Bob Foster (Junior Chamber of Commerce Players), Sophocles (Trannsylvanian Concubines)

Frank: ??

Riff: ??

...I think we're gonna need a bigger stage...

Airport Carpool!
ass hat - columbia
HoH is trying to organize airport carpools for Sunday to Newark Airport.

Let us know what time your flight is so we can figure out what the best time is! Please select your time below, and feel free to leave any specifics in the comments. =)

What time is your flight?

between 6 AM and 9 AM (seriously?!)
between 9 AM and 12 PM
between 12 PM and 3 PM
between 3 PM and 6 PM
between 6 PM and 9 PM
between 9 PM and 12 AM


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